Read release from the National CSFP Association

Joy Tucker, Community Food Bank, 622-0525 ext. 228 or 444-0667

According to the National Commodity Supplemental Food Program Association (CSFP), “Nearly half a million needy Americans, mostly low-income and homebound senior citizens, would lose access to life-sustaining meal deliveries and nutrition services under President George W. Bush’s renewed push to eliminate a $108M food assistance program serving two-thirds of the country.” (Please see attached release for details.)

            At the local level, that could mean a reduction of food to 4600 mothers, children and seniors over 60 who look to the Community Food Bank for assistance each month.  Of the 3300 seniors, 600 are homebound or shut-ins.

            Proposing the elimination of CSFP is not new to the Federal Government Administration.  Last year, the Food Bank delivered over 4,000 letters to Congressmen Kolbe and Grijalva and to Senator Kyle.