Halloween Charity Event at the 49er Country Club

Saturday, October 27th is National Make a Difference Day, the largest national day of helping others.

To celebrate this event and encourage Tucson residents to take time to give back to their community the 49er Neighborhood is hosting a Halloween Charity Event at the 49er Country Club. This event consists of food drive from 8am-8pm, a Halloween golf tournament and a Halloween Costume Party. The purpose of this event is to raise awareness about Make a Difference Day (http://www.usaweekend.com/diffday/index.html) and ALL proceeds will go to the Community Food Bank. For more information how you can participate or volunteer visit www.makeadifference49.com.
If you are unable to come out to Forty Niner Country Club to drop off your donation or participate in the other events you can still make a difference by donating right now to our “virtual food drive“. Any and all donations are appreciated. Remember, individually we can help but together we can make a difference.

Donate to the 49er Country Club Virtual Food Drive!

Remember, the Community Food Bank can distribute $10 worth of food for every $1 you donate through a virtual food drive!

Thank you for your support.