Tucson Farm to School

The purpose is to increase access to healthy food for students, particularity those attending school in low-income areas.

What does Farm to School do? 

  • Provides children with access to fresh, tasty fruits and vegetables.
  • Improves income for small-scale, local food crop producers.
  • Connects children with the source of their food through food/farm/nutrition curriculum.

Who is Organizing Tucson Farm to School Programs?

  • The Community Food Bank’s Community Food Security Center surveyed Arizona school food service directors and farmers. They are developing a plan to start Farm to School programs in Tucson area schools.
  • Various organizations in Arizona have joined together to create a regional Farm to School network!
  • My name is Amber Herman. I am a Bill Emerson National Hunger Fellow. I work for the Congressional Hunger Center, and will be in Tucson until February to help the Community Food Bank develop the Farm to School plan.
    Please share your ideas and community contacts to help children eat healthy!
    Who Can Help Develop a Farm to School Program?


  • Parents
  • Teachers and Principals
  • Students
  • Wellness Policy Committee
  • Nurse/ Nutritionist
  • School Board members
  • School food service staff
  • Neighborhoods Associations


  • Farmers Markets
  • 4-H groups
  • Commodity boards and commissions
  • Farm Bureau, Cooperatives
  • Cooperative Extensions
  • County fairs


  • Environmental organizations
  • Sustainable agriculture groups
  • Anti-hunger, food security groups
  • County health and nutrition staff
  • City Council members
  • Local congressional and state representatives
  • Department of Agriculture (State/County)

Amber Herman, National Hunger Fellow
Community Food Bank
Phone: 520-622-2525 x 255, Email: aherman@hungercenter.org