The 2007 Punch Woods Endowment Grants

 The 2007 Punch Woods Endowment Grants for Community Food Security have been announced by the Community Food Bank.  This year’s award winners are:

  1.  “Food from the Ground Up.” Funding to coordinate two events; a dinner and talk by Brother David Andrews to educate the Tucson area community on food issues. The second event is a day-long conversation with Brother Andrews and Reverend Doug Bland on food issues – a grant of $1,095.
  2. “Market on the Move.” Funding to move the Santa Cruz River Farmers’ Market to a more visible and accessible location on the Westside of Tucson – a grant of $4,000.
  3. “Iskash*taa Food Processing Project.”  Funding to harvest and process approximately 30,000 pounds of fruits and vegetables as an economic development initiative for refugees in Tucson – a grant of $2,000.
  4. “Small Potatoes Gleaning Project/CZC.” Funding will support development of a community garden that will provide organic, fresh produce for a food insecure neighborhood in Ferndale, Washington – a grant of $1,000.

 The Punch Woods Endowment for Community Food Security, established in 2002, is dedicated and limited to supporting community food security programs.  Community Food Security (CFS) is when people obtain a nutritionally adequate, culturally acceptable diet through local non-emergency sources.  Community food security programs build strong, sustainable, local food systems that ensure access to affordable, nutritious and culturally appropriate food to all people at all times.

“Needless to say, I am very pleased that the Endowment is able to make these small grants that will help several projects both within and outside the Community Food Bank make small steps toward community food security,” said Mr. Woods. “They are small, but first steps toward creating a community that is food secure for all. This is our dream and our hope.”
  Charles “Punch” Woods served as President/CEO of the Community Food Bank for 25 years and retired in March of 2002.

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