UA MIS Professor Teaches Social Resposibility

ua4food-dr-mejisa-class.jpgRoberto Mejias, Ph.D., teaches Management Information Systems (MIS) classes at the University of Arizona, Eller College of Management.  He also gives his students important life lessons in what he terms corporate social responsibility or “CSR”.

Dr. Mejias frequently invites guests from non-profit organizations to briefly speak to his MIS students about community needs and social issues. He knows many of his Eller students will become future corporate leaders and his primary mission has been to provide them with a world class MIS education and inspire them to also understand how technology can assist socially conscious business leaders in improving world conditions. Dr. Mejias encourages his MIS students to be fully aware of their profound opportunities to create organizational cultures that support philanthropy and community service.

On April 15, 2008, Dr. Mejias invited Holly Altman from the UA Office of Community Relations to speak to his MIS classes about UA4Food, the campus-wide food drive benefitting the Community Food Bank’s Child Hunger and Nutrition Program.  His MIS students were surprised and shocked by the gravity of this situation in Arizona. Using the UA’s Blackboard course technology, Dr. Mejias invited his MIS students to join him in a “quick” UA4food drive to donate canned meats, peanut butter and canned vegetables.  Two collections on April 22nd, at the Eller Berger Auditorium, realized food donations of 1,592 pounds. 

“Dr. Mejias’ MIS students came through with almost 1,600 pounds of food, collected within about a half hour, which is remarkable,” said Holly Altman.  “As future business leaders these Eller students learned a valuable lesson in using technology to support community service and they will be pleased to know these food items will go far to help struggling families.”

For more information, contact Holly Altman at (520) 626-4671 or Roberto Mejias, Ph.D. at (520) 621-3600