CFB $12,500 grant from the Gordon Foundation

The Community Food Bank has announced the receipt of a $12,500 grant from The Gordon Foundation of Tucson.

The Gordon Foundation has a long history of supporting the Community Food Bank dating back to 1989.  “We feel that your organization is doing for the community what everyone should be doing for the community,” said Gerald Hirsch, The Gordon Foundation President.  “Thank you for your service to all of us.”

The Gordon Foundation was established in 1986 by Charles and Gertrude Gordon after forty years in the shoe business in Tucson.  The Gordon family founded Gordon Shoes in 1946 in downtown Tucson, moved to El Rancho Center and then Park Mall.  The Foundation has donated more than $1.5 million to area non-profits.

The Community Food Bank is experiencing a 27% increase in requests for emergency food boxes over last year and almost a 50% increase over 2006.  The Gordon Foundation grant will go to purchase much needed food for the community. 
For further information, contact Pauline Hechler at (520) 622-0525 x 234.