United Way Days of Caring 2008

September 24 and 27
What is Days of Caring?

Days of Caring connects volunteers with local nonprofit groups to complete projects that may not otherwise get done.

Projects range from painting a mural to building a playground, reading to preschoolers or sponsoring a seniors project.

This unique event gives employees an opportunity to spend their workday or a Saturday on volunteer projects that make a difference in the lives of children, family and seniors.

Days of Caring also provides a way for companies and groups to develop long-lasting relationships with colleagues and agencies.

Why Should My Company or Group Participate in Days of Caring?

The benefits for volunteer involvement include a bolstering of team spirit among participating employees or other group members, increased productivity and morale, exposure in the community and a greater understanding of the needs of the community.

Benefits for your Company

    * Improve your community.
    * Enhance your company’s image.
    * Distinguish your company by associating with Days of Caring.
    * Boost customer loyalty by giving customers a new reason to support you.
    * Improve employee retention and attract new workers.
    * Garner positive media attention.

Benefits for your Employees

    * Increases teamwork, morale, and trust among your employees.
    * Boost retention.
    * Enhance communication, organization, time management skills and accountability.
    * Develop leadership skills among your staff.
    * Increase employees’ understanding of co-workers and respect for diversity and other cultures.
    * Increase employees’ awareness of community needs.

Would you like to join us in making a difference? In one day you can:

Join over 4,000 other volunteers during United Way Days of Caring to complete at least 250 projects!

Give. Advocate. Volunteer.

Thank you for participating in the largest volunteer effort in Pima County.

For more information please call or email United Way at: