Value Market Offers Choice

Throughout the network of food banks across the country the Community Food Bank has always been recognized as unique and innovative because of the number of programs and services it offers. For about 10 years we have run a small grocery store within our extremely large warehouse. The Value Market stocks over 300 items including: canned items, dry goods, deli items, dairy products, personal care goods, frozen entrees, frozen meats and produce.

The Value Market helps the food bank accomplish one of the most vital parts of its mission. It helps those living on the verge of poverty stay on their feet without necessarily having to ask for food assistance. It offers basic food staples at reduced prices. Not only those in need, but anyone who wants to save money on groceries can shop there. Many of our clients find that the market is just what they need to get by without having to ask for a family food box.

The uniqueness lies in the market’s markup: only 30 percent. All food and household items in the market are purchased from brokers, wholesalers and local vendors. The market is able to get great deals from the brokers because it purchases items that are being discontinued, or have packaging and label changes.

Everyone is welcome to shop at the market; in fact, the more people who shop there the better the prices will be for everyone. The more food the market purchases, the better its purchasing power, lowering the price. In essence, shopping at the Value Market is another way to give back to the community by helping lower prices for people in need.

“I shop here because things are a real bargain and the store is always clean,” said one Value Market customer.

Many charitable agencies also shop at the Value Market to supplement the food they receive from the food bank’s other programs. Others buy gift certificates for their clients because they know that the money will be used for food or other household essentials that Food Stamps won’t buy, like diapers or shampoo.

The Value Market will be offering items for holiday meals beginning in November.