Hybrid Truck Saves Fuel and Food

Char Grove, Agency Market driver, is enjoying a whole new experience driving the Community Food Bank’s new hybrid electric-diesel truck. Char picks up food from area grocery stores five days a week with her new refrigerated truck. Char is one of three drivers who pick-up food locally. Often donated are perishable foods that may go to waste if they are not consumed and other items like canned goods that simply are not moving quickly.

Char started driving the new hybrid truck in February. It is powered by an electric-diesel power plant that runs on electric power up to 30 miles per hour, when the diesel engine engages. This makes for excellent efficiency on Tucson’s city streets. The manufacturer, Peterbilt, claims the hybrid is 30% more fuel-efficient and gives off much cleaner emissions than older trucks.

“I love this truck,” Char says. “I believe the truck actually stays on the electric motor beyond 30 miles per hour. It’s so quiet, I can hardly hear it.”
The hybrid electric–diesel truck was purchased, in part, with a $100,000 grant from the Lincy Foundation of Chicago.