Walking Miles for the Community Food Bank

Small acts done consistently can have a big impact. For the past eight weeks Peter Norback has been putting this idea, and his feet, to the test. In response to the new presidential administration’s call to community service, Peter decided to initiate a One Can a Week project in the Miles Neighborhood where he lives.

He started out walking the neighborhood each Sunday between 11:30 a.m. and 5:00 p.m., knocking on doors, explaining the need, and asking for one can a week. He admits that the first week was nerve-racking, not knowing what the response would be. Every week he would cover the houses from the previous week and add some new houses, asking for the simple donation of one can a week to be collected by him each Sunday and then transported to the Community Food Bank. The Miles Neighborhood total by the eighth week was 154 pounds and $20. Each week the program catches on more and more, equating to more and more food donations.

Peter has already had one of his neighbors volunteer to help! This response is exactly what he is looking for. His actions get others involved by donating food, but they also inspire others to take the initiative to get even more people involved. This snowball effect has great power to help in our community. “Anyone who wants to help in other ways in addition to donating food is terrific. I’m sure everyone knows the process, so just think of what would be comfortable for you to handle and give me a call,” said Peter.

Peter would like to see the One Can a Week project spread to other neighborhoods in Tucson and is making himself available for anyone who is interested in trying. As Peter writes, “If you have friends or relatives in other parts of Tucson or other cities, I will be happy to help them get started. The more people helping people, the better.” To start your own program, contact Peter at (520) 248-3694 or pnorback@cox.net.