Home Gardening Accepts Members

The home gardening program has adopted a co-op model that welcomes anyone interested in growing food. While the priority of the program is to continue to encourage families with low-incomes to grow their own food so they can provide healthy meals to their families, the home gardening program has expanded to include everyone. This new structure empowers people to help others begin their own gardens.

So far the program has 150 members. Join us if you want to learn how to grow your own food!

Becoming a member of the home gardening program allows anyone to have access to free seeds, plants, compost and food production education materials. Membership is free for everyone (donations are accepted) and will help us stay in touch with participants, as well as help members get more involved in the program.

Home Gardening Cooperative
Assistance with starting a garden at home is also available  for people whose incomes qualify. Those interested in becoming part of the cooperative must attend the three basic workshops on gardening and support the installation of another person’s garden. This helps home gardeners meet each other and get extra support.

Gardening Promoters

Those who are experienced gardeners or interested in learning to garden will soon be able to conduct their own workshops. Ideally these people will train others and help install community gardens in their neighborhoods.

If you would like more information, please contact a member of the home gardening program team at 520-622-0525 or visit http://communityfoodbank.com/community-food-security-center/home-garden-program/.