Landmark New Study Reveals Unprecedented Number of People in Southern Arizona Seeking Emergency Food Assistance

According to the new findings reported in the Hunger in America 2010 survey released February 2nd, 37 million people, one in eight Americans, is receiving emergency food assistance through the Feeding America network of food banks. This is an increase of 46% over the findings reported four years ago the in Hunger in America 2006 survey.

Hunger in America 2010 is the first comprehensive research study that captures the connection between a weak economy and increased demands for emergency food assistance.  The data for this study was captured in the heart of the 2009 economic downturn (February-June 2009).

The study reveals an even more startling picture in Southern Arizona.  The Community Food Bank survey in 2006 indicated that 98,200 unduplicated individuals were served annually but, in the 2010 survey individuals served jumped to 178,200, an 81% increase.

Unduplicated individuals served with emergency food on a weekly basis in the 2006 survey showed 18,000 people were helped.  In the 2010 survey that weekly number jumped to 33,100 people, an 84% increase.

“While these numbers sound staggering, we have been able to keep up with the rise in demand due to the generosity of the people in our community,” said Bill Carnegie, President/CEO.  “We greatly appreciate that support.”

For more information on the Hunger in America 2010 survey, contact Jack Parris at (520) 622-0525 x 215.