Donors Help Food Bank Do More

The Agency Market is the part of the Community Food Bank utilized most by local charities that need help providing meals for their clients. Charities can find food, cleaning supplies, personal hygiene items (popular with our group homes and shelters) and much more. They just visit the Tucson warehouse and choose what they need from the available items. Thanks to our generous donors, we are able to help these charities even more.

All of the items in the Agency Market are donated to the food bank in bulk. This product is shipped either locally in food bank trucks, or from across the country. Transportation of donated goods is one of the food bank’s largest expenses. Until recently, charities using the Agency Market helped us offset the cost of shipping with a 10¢ per pound fee. With the economy taking its toll on charities, the food bank has dropped the 10¢ per pound fee and now offers the items in the Agency Market with no fees.