One Can a Week- A Neighborhood Food Donation Program

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The recent economic downturn has impacted everyday life for many Tucsonans. As unemployment rates increase, more and more community members struggle to secure the necessary resources to care for their families. The increase in demand for basic food supplies has placed a tremendous strain on local food banks. In response to the growing need for food donations, Peter G. Norback turned to his neighbors to assist him with a community service project that aimed to collect donations for the Community Food Bank.

Peter Norback started his program, One Can a Week, in the Miles Neighborhood of Tucson, Arizona where he lives. His mission was simple, to unite his community for the cause of feeding the hungry. Mr. Norback started by knocking on the doors of his neighbors and asking if they would be willing to contribute one can a food a week, which he would collect every Sunday and donate to the Community Food Bank. The project started out small, 10 houses at a time, but has now expanded to multiple neighborhoods, schools and even includes booths outside several local grocery stores. To date, One Can A Week has grossed over 25,000 lbs. of food and more than $5,300.00 in donations for the Community Food Bank.

When you—and thousands like you across Tucson—donate a few food items or even a $5.00 check a week, it will make a huge difference to all those neighbors in need.

To Get Involved Contact The Miles Neighborhood Coordinator:
Peter G. Norback
1428 E. Miles Street
(520) 248-3694