Community Food Bank to Revise TEFAP Food Box Distribution in Tucson

After two years of temporarily distributing The Emergency Food Assistance Program (TEFAP) food boxes at eight Parks and Recreation sites in Tucson, the Community Food Bank is now ready to handle distribution at regular agency sites and at the main warehouse.

In January 2009, due to budget cuts, the City of Tucson could no longer distribute TEFAP food boxes for Tucson Parks and Recreation sites.  As a temporary measure, the food bank agreed to use its staff and volunteers to distribute food once a month at eight sights (Archer, Armory Park, Clements, El Pueblo, El Rio, Freedom, Northwest and Quincie –Douglas) in Tucson.  This allowed the food bank time to build capacity at its main warehouse and help supply the smaller agency sites. Long-term distribution at these sites was never the intention.

As of June 1, 2011 the food bank will discontinue distributing food boxes at these eight Tucson Parks and Recreation sites and direct clients to the other 24 Tucson sites that are open weekly Monday through Saturday.  Several are close to the present sites where clients can receive food boxes and other services.  All are on regular Sun Tran bus routes.

Over 50% of food boxes in Pima County are now distributed from the food bank’s main warehouse on South Country Club Road. This change will also allow the Community Food Bank to provide delivery of food boxes to the existing agency sites and help them improve services to their neighborhoods.  Information about these changes and the alternatives will be distributed at the Parks and Recreation sites through April and May.

For more information, contact Eric Hitzeman at (520) 622-0525 x 238.

The Community Food Bank serves over 225,000 individuals each month in Southern Arizona.