Earth Walk 2011 to Benefit the Community Food Bank

“Ignite Your Passions. Transform the World.”

A Physical Represent ation of Integrative Planetary Wellness

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Walk your walk in contribution to Integrated Planetary Wellness!  Earth Walk 2011 brings the ancient labyrinth practice of self-discovery and community connection to modern times, in a baseball field!  ”Soul walk”, dance and sing your unique expression through the Earth Labyrinth for a cause, an organization, a personal reason, or simply to be part of a community of like-minded individuals.  Earth Walk 2011 is an opportunity to experience a taste of how it feels, sounds, and looks to create Integrated Planetary Wellness as a community of the world – exploring the connection between various causes and a larger purpose, opening the space to possibility.  Participation is in the THOUSANDS, with satellite events in Tucson, AZ, and across the globe!

Percentages of pledges raised by Walkers (15%) go to support causes of your choice!  There are 4 pre-selected organizations that represent personal, social, environmental, and integral wellness to choose from.  ALSO, groups of 10 or more people have the opportunity to designate additional funds (15%) to their non-profit organization of their choice (upon approval).  Another 10% goes to our Fiscal Sponsor, Harmony & Health Foundation (half of which goes to our partner producing organization, Common Ground Tucson).  The rest of the pledges go to support the global movement for Integrative Planetary Wellness. If you are from Tucson,  READ MORE about the 4 categories and the Pre-Selected Tucson Organizations/Projects before you make your choice of which to support when you register.


• Walk/dance through an Earth Labyrinth in a baseball stadium •
• Featuring an internationally renowned sound healer & local musicians •
• Exhibitors for Personal, Social, and Environmental Wellness •
• Dress in a costume / t-shirt that reflects your cause •
• Raffle prizes that benefit health and wellness •
• Organic Food and Beverages •
• Kids Planetary Art Corner •
• LIVE online video streaming •
• VIP Party for Top Sponsors & Walkers •


6:00am:  Community Meditation for Peace & Integrative Planetary Wellness
6:45am:  Community-Led Construction of the Earth Labyrinth
12:00pm:  Community Yoga
5:00pm:  Registration & Pre-Event Activities
6:00pm:  Opening Ceremonies
6:30pm:  Labyrinth Walk
8:30pm:  Closing Ceremonies
9:00pm:  VIP Party