Applications for Punch Woods Endowment Grants to Be Accepted until October 1, 2011

The Community Food Bank, Inc. has announced that applications for the Punch Woods Endowment Grants will be accepted until October 1, 2011.

The purpose of the Punch Woods Endowment is to improve Community Food Security (CFS), which is defined as the state in which persons obtain a nutritionally adequate, culturally acceptable diet through local non-emergency sources. CFS programs build strong, sustainable, local food systems that ensure access to affordable, nutritious and culturally appropriate food to all people at all times. This includes physical and economic access to sufficient food to meet their dietary needs for a productive and healthy life.

Funding will be restricted to Arizona with preference given to Southern Arizona and 501 (c) (3) organizations. Applications may be obtained at or by calling (520) 882-3301.

Applications are due October 1, 2011. Applicants will be notified of the action of the committee by November 1, 2011.  Submit an original and four copies of the completed application to:

Community Food Bank, Inc

Punch Woods Endowment Review Committee

P.O. Box 26727

Tucson, AZ 85726-6727


Questions concerning the Punch Woods Endowment Grants may be directed to Meghan Heddings at (520) 882-3301.