Give a Meal. Triple the Difference. Bank of America Triples your Gifts through Feeding America

Nov. 4, 2011- Jan. 9th, 2012

Bank of America has partnered with Feeding America to help fight hunger this holiday season. And they’re fighting hard by tripling your donation. For every $1 you give, Bank of America will give $2.* So if you give $15, they’ll make it $45. If you give $50, they’ll make it $150. Any amount you can give will truly help families in need.

Give a meal and make a difference in the fight against hunger this holiday season.

Bank of America is the signature sponsor of Give a Meal.

Bank of America is offering a double match. For every $1 donated through (active 11/14/11) or Bank of America’s text-to-give campaign, Bank of America will give $2 (up to a total match of $500,000).

Example of double match:

$10  Donation made by participant; in this example we will say the participants chooses for funds to go to the local food bank.
$20  Bank of America matches that donation with two times the donation amount
$30  Total donation to the local food bank

Donors who donate via (active 11/14/11) will have the option of donating to Feeding America or their local food bank (determined by zip code). Bank of America’s match will follow the donor’s intent (i.e. if the donor chooses to donate to their local food bank, the match will go to the local food bank.) Food banks are encouraged to promote the campaign to your constituents to take advantage of the double match. Funds donated via text will go to the national office as it is not possible to determine the location of the donor.

Bank of America is investing significant resources in promoting the campaign. They will be promoting it in banking centers, on ATM screens and receipts, in banking statements, on their homepage, via social media, and in theaters in select markets. They will also be holding PR/volunteer events in select markets. They are also planning to promote it during football games in select markets.

The bank is also donating an additional $500,000 to Feeding America for the campaign, as well as $500,000 for SNAP Outreach.

Questions? Contact Sharon Hurwitz at or 312-641-6750.