National Call-In Day to Protect SNAP (June 18th)

call-in-day-112812-250pxTuesday is National Call-In Day. Tell Congress to protect hungry families!

Just dial Feeding America’s toll-free number, enter your zip code, and you’ll be connected to your Member of Congress’s office.

1. Call the toll-free hotline at 866-527-1087

2. Listen to the pre-recorded message and enter your zip code when prompted.

3.  Say that you are a constituent and give your name and the town you are calling from.

4. Let them know you are calling about anti-hunger programs and deliver this important message:

  • Speak out in support of SNAP and against any cuts on the House floor.
  • Vote NO on any harmful amendments to SNAP.
  • Vote YES on any amendments to restore SNAP cuts or to strengthen the program.
  • Vote NO on a Farm Bill that includes SNAP cuts.

Spread the word by sharing with your networks and on social media.

At a time when millions of families are still struggling to put food on the table, now is the time to protect and strengthen SNAP, not cut benefits for people and families in need.

The House bill would cause 2 million individuals to lose their SNAP benefits entirely, 210,000 children to lose free school meals, and 850,000 households to see their benefits cut by an average $90 per month. It would also slash nutrition education funding that helps low-income families stretch limited resources to maximize nutrition.

We need your voice!


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