Bashas’, Food City and Safeway Childhood Hunger Campaign with 3TV

End Childhood Hunger



KTVK 3TV kicks-off a groundbreaking battle against childhood hunger in Arizona with the support of not one, not two, but three powerful grocers coming together to fight a critical community problem.

Childhood hunger is a continually growing epidemic in the United States, with 16 million children living without consistent access to adequate food, that’s one out of every five kids.

Yet, in Arizona, the reality is even worse. One in four of Arizona’s children is threatened with hunger and at risk for increased illness, slower recovery times, susceptibility to obesity and its harmful health consequences. Children who do get enough nutritious food tend to have significantly higher levels of behavioral, emotional and academic problems.

School for these hungry children proves extra challenging as they struggle with headaches, stomachaches and illness. Three out of five K-8 public school teachers say they regularly see students coming to school hungry and more than half of all teachers say they purchase food for hungry students in their classrooms, because they know these kids rely on school meals as their primary source of nutrition.

“The facts are staggering and the truth that so many of Arizona’s children can’t focus on learning and building their futures because they have little to no access to food  is unacceptable,” said Nick Nicholson, President and General Manager of 3TV. “We care, we want to be a force for change, and we invite all of Arizona to join us.”

This problem is larger than any of us, but as a combined force a new future can be paved for Arizona’s children. The goal is to raise enough funds to provide 1 million meals to hungry children throughout Arizona.

While the grocery industry is a competitive landscape, Bashas’, Food City and Safeway stores across Arizona have set aside the competition and have come together to show their commitment to ending childhood hunger across our state.

From Sept. 3 – Sept. 30 all Arizona Bashas’, Food City & Safeway stores are accepting monetary donations at every check-out station. Every penny donated will go directly to programs that focus on childhood hunger at five state-wide hunger organizations. The non-profit recipients include: Arizona Association of Food Banks, AZBrainFood, Community Food Bank of Southern Arizona, Kitchen on the Street and St. Mary’s Food Bank Alliance. This combination of recipients will ensure that donated dollars are spread across our state, helping as many children as we can reach.

How you can help: