Holiday Season


Helping with Holiday Meals

If you were to ask a child who is only four years old what it is like not to have enough food to eat, they wouldn’t use fancy words or statistical reports. They would just tell you, “My tummy aches. I’m hungry.”

This is the sad reality we face every day as we watch lines grow longer, and more hardworking families reach out to ask for help at a place they never thought they would be.

The holiday season is here. Your gift to the Community Food Bank may be more needed than any other gift you give this holiday season. Please help out today. Your donation will truly be a gift that matters for those in need.

Together we can make sure that hungry people in our community are able to celebrate this time of thankfulness.

While it might seem daunting to feed thousands of people, the hungry in our community are sure hoping we can. With your gift, together we can feed thousands in Southern Arizona who need a little extra help this year. We are able to take every $1 you give and distribute nearly $9 worth of food. Your gift means the world to a hungry family. Please give generously!