Winterhaven Festival of Lights

December 14 through December 28 | 6:00-10:00pm Annual Winterhaven Festival of Lights

Community Food Bank to Benefit From the 64th Annual Winterhaven Festival of Lights December 14 through December 28, 2013           

Tucson:  The Community Food Bank of Southern Arizona will again benefit from the 64th Annual Winterhaven Festival of Lights to be held from December 14 through December 28, 2013.  Visitors to the Festival may walk through the neighborhood from 6:00 to 10:00 PM each night.
This year the drive through nights will be December 17th, 27th and 28th

Visitors will enjoy the colorful home decorations, lights and majestic trees in the Winterhaven neighborhood.  While many people walk the streets of Winterhaven, visitors may also enjoy haywagon rides, and heated trolley rides through the neighborhood.

Last year the Winterhaven Festival of Lights collected 33,905 pounds of food and $20,753 for the Community Food Bank of Southern Arizona.  Winterhaven residents hope to top that total in 2013.

There is no entrance fee for the Festival, but attendees are asked to bring canned food or make a monetary donation to the Food Bank.  Most needed items are cereal, canned meats, canned vegetables, canned fruit, canned soups and canned tomato products.  Also, a reminder that for every $1 donated to the Food Bank it can distribute four meals.

For more information about the Winterhaven Festival of Lights, call (520) 327-0111 or log onto