Videos for Loan

Beyond Organic: The Vision of Fairview Gardens

Grades 7-12, college and adult

33 minutes; Bullfrog Films; 2000; VHS only

Produced by John DeGraaf (producer of Affluenza)

This inspiring video tells the story of Fairview Gardens and its struggle to survive in the face of rapid suburban development. It draws a sharp contrast between community supported agriculture and conventional chemical farming.

FOOD – Reinventing the World

Grades 7-12, college and adult

49 minutes; part of a Canadian series; 2000; VHS only

This program asks: how can we design a food system that ensures health, accessibility and affordability for everyone: urban and rural, North and South? Frances Moore Lappe, Joan Gussow, Brewster Kneen, FoodShare Toronto, organic farmer Alyson Shisholm, and participants in an innovative food program in Brazil are among those who offer ideas on how to make food systems more equitable.

The Global Food Puzzle: Where Do You Fit Into the Picture?

Adults; good introductory video

30 minutes; The Tomasita Project, 1999; VHS only

Follows a “Focus on Food” class of women in Toronto as they explore labor, transportation, local vs. non-local and other questions of our conventional food system. The video is divided into sections that have discussion questions for the audience.

The True Cost of Food (animated)

Grades 7-12, college and adult

Approximately 15 minutes; VHS or DVD format

Sierra Club Sustainable Consumption Committee; 2004

This is an educational and entertaining animation movie about sustainable food. Follow a mother as she shops for dinner at a large supermarket and at a farmers’ market.