Marana Participants
Marana Participants 
You will need to specify your drop-off location. This will be an existing participant that has agreed to act as a drop site (e.g. your childcare provider). The food bank will drop off your food here, but you MUST make your own arrangements with the host of the drop-off site for pick-up.
Terms and Conditions
When you place an order, you acknowledge that you are either:
a) An existing member of the Farm-to-Child program who has made the necessary arrangements with the Community Food Bank, or
b) A party associated with an existing Farm-to-Child member (e.g. a friend, parent, or neighbor) and that you have already made arrangements with this member to pick up the food.
Payment must be received in full and can only be refunded if the proper person at the food bank is notified TWO WEEKS prior to the delivery date. Within two weeks of the delivery date, all transactions become final and cannot be refunded. If you have never placed an order and do so without making the proper arrangements, food bank staff will attempt to contact you to verify the validity of your order. If, by two weeks prior to the delivery date, your order cannot be verified, you agree to forfeit your right to the order and the money will be viewed as a donation to the Community Food Bank.
If you have any questions about your order, either ask the Farm-to-Child member you are associated with, or contact the Community Food Bank Farm-to-Child Program Coordinator, Nick Henry, at 520-882-3305 or

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